TLC Trio


TLC Organ Trio from Western Australia was formed in early 2011, inspired by the jazz organ trios of Larry Young, Jimmy Smith and Larry Goldings. TLC have evolved their conception of trio playing to include their own compositions and unique creative improvising within performance, whilst always seeking to forge new connections with the organ tradition within every performance.

The group’s repertoire ranges from inventive arrangements of jazz standards, modern grooves, hard-swinging shuffles, as well as open, interactive and experimental sonic textures.

TLC features three of Australia’s most noted and award-winning musicians today and this formidable combination have offered their first distinctive album, which captures their evolving yet idiosyncratic approach.

Freddie Grigson: guitar
Tom O’Halloran: hammond organ
Chris Tarr: drums

Northbridge Piazza, Saturday 7 Nov, 5pm

Free event