Still driving your non-electric car? Eating dairy or meat at every meal? Have you made the most of the COVID19 bargains on flights to tropical holiday destinations? Then you are the perfect candidate for this special mission: heating up a brand-new planet! Tin Men welcome you to the GETAWAY SPACE AGENCY – Global Evacuation Transport Authority Way Ahead of You.

In the (very) near future, the climate crisis has escalated, and the time has come for humanity to leave planet Earth. A new, nearly inhabitable planet has been discovered, and you and your fellow audience members are the chosen few to find themselves on board a space ship heading towards this new home. However, your destination is currently far too cold for human life but have no fear! This problem should be resolved soon, as humans have proven to be excellent at heating up their environment. As you travel through space, you must collaborate to make a plan to warm up your new home and enjoy the live in-flight entertainment by Tin Men and the Telephone along the way.

Interact with this performance in real-time using the bands ‘Tinmendo’ App. Download from the App Store or Google Play before the show.

This project has been assisted by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands, Australia.