For over twenty years Perth Grand Dames, Ali Bodycoat and Libby Hammer, have been gracing Australian stages and refining the craft of their jazz singing. They each boast a respected position in the local jazz world, and as soloists, they hold their own with the world’s best. When these ‘two glorious local hummingbirds’  join forces to meld together their impressive jazz voices, lyrics and harmonies are interwoven into exquisite and dramatic medleys and mashups that celebrate Tin Pan Alley composers such as Gershwin, Porter, Kern, Mercer and Cy Coleman. A night of glamour, playful chemistry and gorgeous voices.

Expect a hand-picked, custom-delivered smorgasbord of Bodycoat-Hammer duets, each carefully wrapped and presented with delicious tidbits of anecdotal information or unsubstantiated hearsay. Many of these simmering vocal gems come from the tried and true American Songbook; composers such as the Gershwins, Johnny Mercer and Cole Porter, while others look forward a few years to the superb songwriting team of Burt Bacharach and Hal David or the wispy intimate humour of Blossom Dearie. Even more unorthodox genres such as pop and disco may make an appearance, but will have been cleverly arranged to fool the audience into believing that they must have been written in Tin Pan Alley in the first place. 

So, come along and fall in love with these two sensational voices, if you haven’t already.

Their band features:

Chris Foster – piano

Nick Abbey – double bass

Michael Perkins – drums