Kate Pass Kohesia Ensemble [SOLD-OUT]


Led by double bassist Kate Pass, the Kohesia Ensemble serves as a platform for Kate’s original compositions, which are influenced by her passion for both jazz and Persian music. Kohesia Ensemble explores unusual time structures and microtonal melodies, combining the sounds of Persian flute (ney), percussion (daf) lute
(saz) and oud with jazz instruments for a truly unique listening experience.

Kate Pass: Double Bass
Daniel Susnjar: Drums
Ricki Malet: Trumpet
Esfandiar Shahmir: Ney and Daf
Reza Mirzaei: Saz
Chris Foster: Piano
Mike Zolker: Oud
Marc Osborne: Saxophone

Goodwill Club - The Rechabite, Saturday 7 Nov 7pm
This event is fully booked