Joshua Nicholls Plus 7


Joshua Nicholls is a jazz guitarist, composer and arranger based in Perth, with a passion for bringing his fun, fiery and unpredictable music to the ears of listeners everywhere.

In 2018 Joshua formed his original jazz octet ‘Joshua Nicholls Plus Seven’, presenting original large ensemble jazz tunes in his unique compositional style: an eclectic blend of his early heroes Dream Theater and Led Zeppelin, jazz influences Herbie Hancock, Ari Hoenig and Bob Brookmeyer, along with a dash of unexplained craziness. Musical styles vary wildly throughout his catalogue, with funk, prog, free jazz, metal and cool-school elements present within his music. The one common thread: an infectious groove.

Joshua Nicholls: guitar, conductor, composer
Matilda Simcock: vocals
Harry Josland: trumpet
Gemma Farrell: alto saxophone
Maximilllian Wickham: tenor saxophone
Steven Bickley: trombone, bass trombone
Jemima Mills: baritone saxophone
Kate Pass: bass
William Chiew: drums

Northbridge Piazza, Sunday 8 Nov, 5pm

Free event