Join us for a very jazzy dinner November 3 with Bad Whip and DJ Just Cream! 



Wagyu Yukhoe + Seaweed Crisp + Bonito Cream
Prawn “Meatloaf” Curried Egg + Milk Bread Sando


Braised Black Pepper Beef Rib + White Pepper Sauce
“Mac & Cheese” + Karashi Mustard & Kimchi Side
Simple Leaf Salad + Palm Sugar Dressing


Caramalised Corn Ice Cream + Sponge Sandwich

For dietaries and large group, please send an email to [email protected]


Bad Whip is the improvisational dance music duo of Alex Reid (drums) and Josiah Padmanabhan(synths) of prominent Perth outfit Grievous Bodily Calm. The partner setting allows the duo to explore pure improvisation and reactivity within a drum machine techno driven universe.


DJ JUST CREAM is half of Perth menaces Full n’ Cream, a DJ duo that specialise in depravity, decadence and damn good tunes. While the duo generally veer towards the trash pile, in his solo guise Just Cream is driven to share their love of the obscure, the under appreciated and the weird & wonderful. His crate of jazz rarities, spanning across multiple eras will be getting a workout – he’ll just stay away from the flanger.