Multiple award winning Melbourne saxophonist Julien Wilson has been one of Australia’s outstanding voices on the tenor saxophone for close to three decades.
This marks the first time Julien has released a solo album. And he is releasing not one, but a contrasting/complimentary pair of LPs, created during the interminable Melbourne lockdowns of 2020.
With just a saxophone and some effects pedals Julien has created a collection of spontaneously composed otherworldly Melodic Electroacoustic Cinematic Soundscapes. Forget what you think you know about “solo saxophone” or “electronic/ambient music” or “free jazz”. This is all of those, while being none of them.
Wilson employs soft warm tones, space, and a variety of electronic effects in real time to transform his evocative melodies into hypnotic atmospheres and half-forgotten dreams.
His approach to playing solo in this instance is to treat the performance as a sacred place of purity, free of judgement and genre. “I try to be open enough to let the space inform what I’ll play rather than imposing preconceived ideas on it”.