In 2022, PIJF is introducing an exciting new initiative supported by the Australia Council for the Arts.
We Made A Thing! gives audiences an opportunity to witness brand new works from the most talented jazz composers Australia has to offer, composed exclusively for the 2022 Festival.
In celebration of PIJF”s 10th anniversary of hosting world-class, innovative jazz performers, We Made A Thing! commissions new works for presentation at the Festival, drawing from a diverse group of celebrated Australian jazz composers.
PIJF is passionate about driving the creation of new jazz works — we believe that the most unlikely situations can create some of the most spontaneous, magical musical experiences. We Made A Thing! aims to bring together composers and artists who might not usually perform together, creating something great in the process.
Not only that, but we’re providing an opportunity for an emerging composer to work with a mentor to create a new work for the same program. This mentorship offers crucial passing-on of skills and knowledge, fuelling ongoing mentorship opportunities for young and aspiring composers.
If you’re excited to hear what our composers have been creating just for PIJF, then join us at 9pm at The Rechabite Hall on Opening Night (Friday 4th November.)

Vanessa Perica
William Barton*
Sophie Min
Kelly Ottaway
Adam Page
Tim Newhouse | Emerging Composer

Jayden Blockley | saxophone
Jamie Oehlers | saxophone
Gemma Farrell | saxophone
Ricki Malet | trumpet
Jessica Carlton | trumpet
Catherine Noblet | trombone
Harry Mitchell | piano
Kate Pass | bass

* William Barton’s Composition is published by G.Schirmer Australia Pty Ltd. By kind permission of the Wise Music Group.