David Goodwin | Keys
Jack Strempel | Keys
Alexander Flood | Drums

Three unique and explorative students of jazz came together in 2016 to jam and experiment within a new sound and style, bringing with them their passion for synthesizers, groove, and improvisation, as well as their love of funk, jazz, dance, and electronic music, texture, and energy. From this jam, Eraser Description was birthed featuring David Goodwin, Jack Strempel, and Alexander Flood.

Starting out as a party band, Eraser Description quickly built a diverse repertoire of electrifying beats and complex harmonies inspired by artists from the past – leading them to record and release their debut, self-titled album in 2017.

From this launching pad, Eraser Description’s had the opportunity to perform with Kate Ceberano, Ocean Alley, The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, The West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Nicholas Buc, Ralph Nader (Beyonce), as well as countless festivals around Australia.

In 2019 Eraser Description opened up their vault of iPhone recorded demos to build a new album, new sound, and new style. WAVES puts production and groove at the forefront, while exploring a new direction of arrangement and sonic experimentation.