Simon Charles and Djuna Lee first worked together at the Audible Edge Festival 2021, which sparked a synergistic collaboration.

Trained in jazz and classical music, Djuna Lee is now involved in the improvised music scene, playing everything from ultra-quiet minimalist music to angular noise. Simon Charles is a composer and saxophonist based in Noongar Ballardong Country. He has worked extensively as an improvisor and composer, working with artists such as Phonetic Orchestra and Ensemble Offspring.

Simon & Djuna first worked together in Simon’s piece Tracks in Salt and Lineament, which was commissioned by the Audible Edge Festival. This piece integrated electro-acoustic and instrumental performance in ways that encouraged spontaneity and creativity in realising a notated score. Soon after, they worked together again in Djuna’s free jazz project, Jalan Jalan, which similarly invited performers to find a space somewhere between composition and complete autonomy, although to very different aesthetic ends.

Simon Charles | Saxophone
Djuna Lee | Double Bass

SIMON CHARLES- Review of Tracks in Salt and Lineament
“Inspired by a West Australian salt lake, there is a sense of space between sound elements which nevertheless gently shimmer and shake in a kind of horizon that is distributed across a surround sound speaker system. Field recordings of birds and flies (or possibly bees) provide an insistent ground against which plucks and tremolos of the stringed instruments are set. It’s a haunting yet reassuringly delicate and beautiful work which balances electro acoustics and live performance well.” See Saw, April 20, 2021

DJUNA LEE- review of Jalan Jala
“The ensemble played acoustically and the interplay between the musicians was exceptionally sensitive and subtle. There was a sublimation of personal ego for the greater good of the ensemble which created a positive and enjoyable synergistic effect.” See Saw, April 16, 2021