Artemis Orchestra was founded by Gemma Farrell in 2017 with the hope of promoting people of marginalised genders in jazz as musicians, soloists, and composers. Less than a quarter of all professional jazz musicians worldwide are female, and even less are non-binary and transgender, which is something they hope will change for the better.

The goal of this ensemble, which is predominately made up of professional female musicians and includes non-binary musicians, is to inspire young people of marginalised genders in Perth to consider taking on a career in jazz.

The Orchestra performs in venues around Perth and has collaborated with the Perth Jazz Society and WA Youth Jazz Orchestra, twice making up a band of WAYJO’s young women and non-binary members with Artemis’ professional musicians. They have performed at PIJF in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

In 2021 the Orchestra released their debut album The Elephant in the Room with 10 original works by WA women. They’ve performed the music of Shannon Barnett, Kristin Berardi, Meg Burstow, Jenna Cave, Eliza Davis, Louise Denson, Sandy Evans, Gemma Farrell, Sally Greenaway, Alice Humphries, Maddie Ivy, Amelia Jutilane, Andrea Keller, Ellen Kirkwood, Alana Macpherson, Linda May Han Oh, Kate Pass, Vanessa Perica and Candice Susnjar; and have hosted composition workshops and reading sessions for band members.

The Orchestra features musicians Charlie Teakle, Claire Keet, Erin Royer, Gemma Farrell, Holly Forster, Sophie Bennet, Imogen Thomson, Jemima Mills, Julia Wallace, Kirsten Symczycz, Thea Woodward

Gemma Farrell | MD
Erin Royer | Saxophone
Holly Forster | Saxophone
Claire Keet | Saxophone
Thea Woodward | Saxophone
Jemima Mills | Saxophone
Charlie Teakle | Trumpet
Julia Wallace | Trumpet
Zoe McGivern | Trumpet
Chris Zappa | Trumpet

Katie Hodson | Trombone
Holli Hatherley | Trombone
Halle Mitchell | Trombone
Sophie Bennett | Trombone
Sarah Curran | Guitar
Kirsten Symczycz | Piano
Kate Pass | Bass
Julius Rogers | Drums